Claire, Connecticut (sponsors two children, Arturo and Esmeralda): Here in the U.S. it is so easy to take our access to free education for granted. I think we forget just how critical it is to our daily well being. As the granddaughter of poor immigrants, I grew up always hearing my parents say that education is the key not to wealth or power, but to growth, creativity and opportunities to help make the world a better place by developing and sharing our own, unique God-given gifts. Walking away from school and learning was never an option for us. And this is why I support Sr. Margaret and her work in Cuernavaca. I trust that one by one, each child we help attend school will absolutely make a difference . I am grateful for what my education has enabled me to see and do. And I am most grateful to be even just a small part of Sr. Margaret’s mission. There is so much that needs to be done– but that doesn’t overshadow the joy of seeing the progress of a sponsored child, month by month, as they work to nurture their gifts and God-given potential.

Ann, Ohio (sponsors Rubi): Being madrina/godmother/ sponsor to Rubi is gift to me for many reasons.  It keeps me in touch with her and her family and aware of some of the difficulties they are going through.  It gives me the chance to support her efforts to go to school and to learn to read, write and do arithmetic.  Education is vital to growth and opportunity.  I am so moved by her recently widowed mom’s determination to stay in the city so her children can get an education.  A little financial assistance from me and visits from Sr. Margaret and Malena can give so much hope.  I will never forget the long hug I received from Rubi after someone read her a note I’d written her offering condolences on the death of her dad, reassurance that she and her family are not alone, and encouragement to continue working hard in school.  It was clear she understood that I do care about her and her family.  That is what matters.


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