Why am I so loved?

Juan Carlos

Introducing Juanito

Written by Franciscan associate Yolanda Rodriguez

I would like to write about a boy who has blessed me with his trust, friendship, and affection – Juanito. He is a quiet boy, very intelligent and observant, and very motivated to learn. He lives with his mother, brother, aunts, and grandmother. His grandma supports the family by walking the streets of Cuernavaca and selling seasonal items such as mosquito netting during the rainy season and poinsettias at Christmastime. His mother also helps by selling tortillas at a tortillería. Juanito’s father abandoned them all a while ago.

Juanito is now is first grade. He is very sweet and sometimes says to me, “Yola, why am I so loved?” I always answer, “Because you are a very smart and a very good boy. I too love you very much.”

We are grateful to our benefactors who are giving this sweet boy a chance to get an education and get ahead in life. May you always continue to know how loved you are, Juanito!

Juanito de cariño

Hablo de un niño que me he ganado su confianza, amistad, y su cariño hacia mí – Juanito. Un niño callado no habla mucho nada más observa a las personas, pero con muchas ganas de estudiar. Muy inteligente. Vive con su mamá, hermano, tías, y abuelita. Su abuelita sostiene la familia vendiendo pabellones, burbujas, flores, lo que puede ya que el papá de Juanito los abandonó. Son seis de familia y su mamá de Juanito apoya trabajando en una tortillería vendiendo para ayudar a su mamá, que se llama Silvina. Juanito va en primer año de primaria. Es muy tierno y me dice, Yola, ¿porque las personas me quieren mucho? Y yo le contesto que eres un niño muy inteligente y muy bueno, yo también te quiero mucho.


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