Headed for a future filled with hope


Written by Franciscan associate Ruth Bernal Hernandez

At ten years old, Cristal has already had to struggle in life. Her parents were very young when she was born, and they promptly abandoned her and divorced. Her father does have some contact with her now, but his new wife rejects Cristal completely. So he has entrusted the care of Cristal to his own parents.

Cristal’s grandfather was a construction worker until he was badly hurt in an accident at work. Grandma and Grandpa love Cristal dearly and do their best to provide for her, but it is not easy.  Thanks to Sister Maggie and the Cuernavaca Children’s Mission, Cristal now has a good support system surrounding her. She has become part of our Franciscan family. And despite being new to our program, she won second place in our most recent reading contest, reading a total of thirty books in six months. She is an intelligent girl with an A average in school; she likes to play soccer and play the flute; and her favorite activities are reading and watching documentaries. Her favorite subject in school is math, because, she says, it makes her think!

We thank God for Cristal’s sponsors and for all the good people who make our work possible. Your donations make it possible for our children to have a better quality of life and a brighter future.


Es una bendición contar bellas historias.

Cristal, es una niña, que ha luchado en la vida. a pesar de ser una niña abandonada por sus padres.

Sus papás unieron sus vidas muy jóvenes. de esa unión, nació Cristal, sus padres no eran compatibles, tenian muchas cosas en contra, por lo que decidieron separarse.

Ellos, decidieron rehacer su vida. por lo que Cristal, ahora tiene tres hermanos, por parte de su su mamá y uno por parte  de su papá.

El papá, se unió a una mujer que rechaza a cristal,

Por cuestiones de trabajo, su papá ha tenido que viajar a otros estados. dejando a la niña con sus papás y con la madrastra, ellos se hacen cargo de la niña

Cristal es muy inteligente, lleva buenas calificaciones, le gusta practicar el futbol y tocar la flauta. lo que mas le gusta hacer es leer. y ver documentales.

la materia que mas le agrada en la escuela, es matemáticas, porque dice que la hace pensar.

Gracias a la hermana Maggie, cristal ya no está sola, ahora es parte de esta maravillosa familia franciscana.

Dios bendiga a sus padrinos y a las personas que hacen posible esta bonita labor. por brindar sus donativos, para que niños como ella tengan una mejor calidad de vida.

Dios los bendiga.


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