Moving ahead despite all obstacles


Written by Franciscan associate Ruth Bernal Hernandez

Gabriela is fifteen and currently attends senior high school. She lives with her parents and her older sister and brothers. Despite the obstacles in her life, she has a great motivation to get an education and improve her life. Gabby’s Dad is very sick with kidney disease and has to undergo dialysis every day. Her mother is unable to work because of a herniated disc. Because of this, the older boys have had to drop out of school; they work to help the family.

Gaby is an excellent student with an A average. She wants to stay in school and attain a professional career, so that she can help her family. She is a great inspiration to me. She shows us that, if you set a goal, you can reach it, despite the weight of adversities that life places before us. She shows me that we can overcome any obstacle however large it may seem.

Gaby sends a big thank you to the Cuernavaca Children’s Mission, Sister Maggie, and her sponsors, for the great help they provide. And we send a big thank you to you, Gaby, for inspiring us! God bless you and help you attain your goals.


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