How to make a difference in a child’s life

Nancy Saro and Juan Manuel

Sponsor Nancy Saro from Michigan, with sponsored child Juan Manuel

I want to take the opportunity to tell a little about an amazing trip I took last month to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Cuernavaca is not one of the resort areas in Mexico. It is a city about an hour outside of Mexico City that you don’t often hear about.

I went to meet, for the first time, a wonderful young man that I sponsor. His name is Juan Manuel. I’ve been sponsoring Juan over the last few years through the Cuernavaca Children’s Mission. This mission exists due to the hard work and dedication of Sister Maggie, a Franciscan sister from Tiffin, Ohio, and some lovely dedicated ladies that help her (along with a couple very dedicated men, also). Their mission is simple, to end the cycle of poverty through education.

The poverty in this area is very real. Many children must be pulled from school to work or sell trinkets on the street in order to put very little food on the table. There are some very sad things that are the result of this extreme poverty which I will not go into.

The mission’s goal is very simple. Sponsoring a child enables the child to finish their education, therefore making them employable, and hopefully breaking the cycle of poverty.

My sister Carol was with me and also sponsors a child. Our time with these kids, their siblings, parents, and the wonderful people that dedicate their time to this worthy cause was truly a Christmas blessing for me.

If any of you are looking for a worthy cause to support, I encourage you to take a look at this mission. I can assure you that sponsoring a child will be one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you cannot sponsor a child, consider a one-time donation. What you spend on a coffee at Starbucks is more than these families make in a day. This charity is real and legitimate. I’ve been with those that run it.

Thank you, Hermana Maggie, for a very wonderful and rewarding vacation!

[Note: The actual cost of the services the Cuernavaca Children’s Mission provides for each child is approximately $1,000/year. A child may be sponsored for an annual donation of $300 or more. Details are under “How to help.”]

Written by sponsor Nancy Saro, Michigan.



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