Malnutrition: a problem with a solution


A few months ago I noticed that an eight-year-old girl in our program was becoming tired very quickly whenever we went shopping for her school supplies. At first I thought maybe she was just bored with shopping, but when it kept happening, I decided to take her to the pediatrician for a checkup. It turns out she was malnourished, anemic, and infected with many different types of parasites. We got her started right away on the medicine and nutritional supplements she needed. Eight months later, I can really see the difference. She is full of energy, her eyes shine, and she has an infectious giggle that tells me she is feeling much better.

Unfortunately these ailments are very common among the children we work with. With proper nutrition and medicine, however, these children will be healthier. This also means they will be better able to learn, will have the energy to do their schoolwork, and will be more likely to stay in school. I thank God for our benefactors who make it possible for us to help our little friend and others like her.

Hace unos meses me di cuenta de que una de nuestras niñas se cansaba rápido cuando salíamos para comprar sus útiles escolares. La llevé con el pediatra y nos dijo que ella estaba muy desnutrida y llena de parásitos intestinales. Ese mismo día comenzamos su tratamiento. Ahora ocho meses después me da mucho gusto verla. Es muy viva, tiene mucha energía, y sonríe mucho.

Desgraciadamente la desnutrución y los parásitos son problemas muy comunes entre los niños de nuestro programa. ¡Gracias a Dios por nuestros benefactores! Con su apoyo hemos podido ayudar a esta niña y otros niños como ella.


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