Learning lessons, forming friendships

Three years ago we began offering free tutoring to children from low-income families. Most of these children live with their families in small one-room dwellings with no plumbing. We offer classes year round to any and all children who show up. Many of their parents never had the opportunity to learn to read and write. With no one at home able to help them with their homework, and in classes of forty-plus students and little chance for individual attention, they are at a tremendous disadvantage.

Our tutoring classes give these children the one-on-one attention they need to do well in school. And not only do they learn their lessons, they also form friendships with the other children and with their tutors. Together we form a network of mutual assistance and support. We have become a family!

In the video the children are reciting a little speech they memorized for Sister Maggie’s birthday: “Thank you, Maggie, for the friendship and love you give us every day. We love you!”

Hace tres años comenzamos a darles clases a los niños de bajos recursos. Por supuesto no cobramos nada. La mayoría de estos niños viven con sus familias en casas de un pequeño cuarto. Les ofrecemos clases a todos los niños que quieren asistir. En la mayoría de los casos los padres no estudiaron y  ni saben leer ni escribir entonces no pueden ayudar a sus hijos con sus tareas. Las clases en la primaria son muy grandes y los maestros no pueden prestar atención a todos. Estos niños realmente necesitan la atención individual que reciben en las clases que les damos. Y no sólo aprenden sus lecciones sino también hacen amistades con los otros niños y con sus tutores. Juntos formamos una red de ayuda y apoyo. ¡Ya somos una familia!


2 responses to “Learning lessons, forming friendships

  1. You are making such a difference to these children and it is so amazing to see how they are like little sponges, soaking in all this attention and knowledge! What a wonderful program and what wonderful results…look at all the graduates this year!!! Thank you for all the ways you are making a difference!

  2. Sr. Dionne Sartor

    What a blessing to have you there as Christ’s hands and feet…! Without your presence, many would still be suffering!
    Thank you!

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