Genie Francis CD

Actress Genie Francis and family have just come out with a new Chistmas album, “It’s Christmas Time Again.” Genie is donating her portion of the profits to the Cuernavaca Children’s Mission. The CD is available on ITunes and on For more information, visit God bless Genie for caring about our children!

La actriz Genie Francis y su familia han producido un CD para la Navidad, se llama “It´s Christmas Time Again.”   Genie va a donar su porción de las ganancias a nuestro proyecto Cuernavaca Children´s Mission.  Se puede comprar el album en ITunes o en Hay más información en la página de Genie Francis, ¡Qué Dios te bendiga, Genie, por tu generosidad!


One response to “Genie Francis CD

  1. I have greatly enjoyed the Christmas CD done by Genie, Ivor, Ken, and the other family members. I’m glad to know that Genie has dedicated her share of the profits to help your organization as it makes a difference in the world to show God’s love and hope to others. May we also purchase the CD to give to friends as symbols of our appreciation of their love to us as we know the $ proceeds of the album can also be a blessing to benefit others. It’s a WIN-WIN situation!!! I’ll look forward to the 2nd CD which will be available at the end of this year, and I’ll definitely purchase multiple copies of it to help increase the financial help for the kids and their families. Praise God for your organization, willingness to help the little ones-well done good & faithful servant!

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